The first course of blocks

Yesterday, while I was at work, Dad had managed to move about 140 blocks from the front of the house to the site by wheel barrow.  Unfortunately, in doing so he has hurt his back and is now laid up on the sofa recovering in a bad mood!  Not a fact I discovered until late last night and long after he had gone home.  I hope he gets better soon! 🙁

Barrie made a start on the blockwork pretty quickly as he had everything he needed.  The only problem was that the wall ties Jewson sent were the wrong size so I needed to drive over and get them swapped.  I also needed to collect telescopic vents for the under floor ventilation.  By the time I had arrived back Barrie had all four corners set out and string line across them ready for the blocks.

2014-11-20 15.07.51

This was great news as it meant we could take a measurement to the dead centre of the building.  A measurement we needed to give the flooring company so they could make the beams to the exact lengths.  Armed with this new measurement I immediately emailed the flooring company to get the order under way.

It quickly became apparent that the blocks Dad brought up yesterday would be used up before the days’ end.  Also I need to be at a customers site all day tomorrow and had no-one to move the 240 remaining blocks up to site for Barrie to continue with tomorrow.  While at lunch Karma and I discussed our options and knew we needed to move the blocks ourselves, today.  But, given Dads experience I was not at all keen on the wheel barrow method.  Luckily I had recently purchased a trailer for my lawn mower and so we thought of a plan.

2014-11-20 12.45.31

The wheel barrow method would carry about 5 or so blocks.  The mower would easily cope with 20 or more blocks without straining our backs.  The trailer, however, struggled at around 15 blocks because the axles are made of thin steel and are very flimsy.  So, with the aid of cable ties galore, we were able to move about 12-14 blocks per load.  And with Karma driving like she’d stolen them, each circuit took a mere 5 minutes each.

Within two hours or so we had moved all the remaining blocks up to site and stacked them in lovely neat piles ready for Barrie.  On the downside, we need another trailer as this one has buckled so badly it no longer travels in a straight line!!!

By now it was 3 pm and Barrie had made some amazing progress.  I think I’m going to find it difficult to keep the materials flowing fast enough for Barrie at this rate!

2014-11-20 15.07.03

By now the sun was setting and we quickly tidied up the site and made safe.  Tomorrow Barrie will be working alone as I need to go to work.  But hopefully he has everything he needs to have a fully productive day, fingers crossed!

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