Clearing the site

An eventful start to the day.  Digger and dumper were supposed to arrive at 8am, but after a quick lorry change, finally arrived at around 9am along with the labourer (Dad) who was also late!  But the big problem was that the dumper was considerably bigger than anticipated and won’t fit through the garage opening!  I’m sure I measured, but hey ho.

Problem solved, take the doors off the garage and now the dumper fits, just!

Today’s task is to clear the mountain of earth, metal work and brickwork that was the old compost pile.  It must have been here for some time as it’s pretty solid all around.  Clearing the compost took a lot longer than the 2 hours I expected!


Once everything was finally cleared we set to measuring out the four outer corners of the building.  It was getting late and dark which meant that we just couldn’t get the building square!  Retreat for the night.

After dinner I drew a plan of the building as accurately as possible to a scale of 1:100.  What was immediately apparent is that the diagonal measurement we were using was clearly wrong.  I noted my diagonal which I calculated at 11,950 mm and compared that with several internet calculators which all arrived at the same, more accurate answer of 11,982 mm.

2014-10-23 17.08.48


One last, but important, job is to pop round to the neighbours house for the evening.  He popped his head over the fence this morning and it occurred to me that if I could properly explain what I was hoping to achieve he may be more forgiving.  Overall it seems to have gone well and he seems happy.