Reaching DPC!

This last week has been spent working up to DPC.  I knew this was going to take a long time because there are lots of fiddly bits to cut out and work around.

First job was to bond the floor beams and blocks using a sand & cement slurry (very wet mix 4:1).  We brushed the mix in to all the joints like a grout.  We couldn’t get up to the edges though as the edge blocks need to be bedded and the gap plugged.

2014-12-04 14.39.53

Next job was to cut all the edge blocks of the flooring and bed those one too.

2014-12-04 14.41.09

Now to plug the gaps in between the beams…

2014-12-06 14.02.04

Great, now the floor is finished and all the little cuts done Barrie can crack on and lay the blocks and bricks up to DPC level.  It’s still going to be slow as the beams are a little too close to the blockwork so there are lots of small cuts to make in every block, each air vent needs to be fitted in the correct location along the walls and the lintels need to be fitted wherever pipework enters the building.  But, after four working days, it’s starting to look really fantastic.

We are at DPC level.  Next, tomorrow we start building the walls!!!

2014-12-15 13.20.17


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