Planning permission

Having decided that I’m going to build an RV-7 the next question is where to build it. Overwhelmingly, the consensus among other builders is to build it at home so the family can get involved.

Building it in a single garage is do-able, but another of the strong suggestions is to enjoy the space you work in. This really only leaves one other option.  Build a workshop!

So I started searching eBay and Google.  Wooden workshop?  Metal Workshop? Prefab or build it myself?

After seeing the prices of these buildings I figured it wouldn’t be much more to build it out of brick.  The benefit of brick is that it won’t, hopefully, rust or blow away in the wind.  As the project can take up to 10 years to complete then a solid workshop is a must.

So now that I’ve decided on brick, and at home, I need to decide where exactly to build it.  Pretty quickly there is only one real choice, the end of the garden.  Luckily we have a pretty big garden and this workshop won’t have too much an impact.  It can also serve as a winter hangar for the RV which could also save hangar fees in the future. It will also reduce the amount of mowing required!

Having decided all this it’s time to think about planning permission.

Visiting the planning portal suggests that planning permission is not required and this development is covered under the ‘Permitted Development Rights’ rules.  That’s nice, but I think I’ll still apply to the planning permission department at the council for their opinion.  Will be nice to have it in writing officially.

The great thing about the planning portal is that you can apply for planning permission right there online.  So I spent the weekend drawing up plans with the kids and obtaining all the necessary site plans at the right scales.  Finally finished the application and sent it in around 10pm on Sunday evening.


So now we wait for their response.

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