Marking out, finding levels and leveling ground

Armed with the correct diagonal measurement I couldn’t wait to see if it would work.  So while I waited for my Dad to turn up (late again!), I squared up the building and it worked perfectly.  The diagonal method worked a treat.

Next, it’s time to work out levels from DPC.  We know that DPC is normally 2 bricks above ground so using my brother, Jason’s, awesome laser level it was easy to see the difference in height between the four corners.  Problem!  Corner 3 is 150mm (2 whole bricks!) lower than the highest corner!  Hmm, coffee, ponder, biscuit, ponder, argument, ponder… solution!  We would work DPC off the highest corner and use some of the excavated soil to build up the low ground later. This is preferable to the other option of digging out all the ground around to the height of the lower corner.

2014-10-24 09.36.54

Today’s forecast is for heavy, thunderous rain, so we are fully expecting to do as much as we can in-between diving for cover. Now armed with our levels and site markings we could set to.  I started scrapping with the digger from the highest corner, but the soil is rock hard and appears to have some pre-existing drainage trench full of loose hardcore which was driving the digger crazy.  Slow progress, so we abandoned that corner as it is nearly impossible to make a level.  So we moved to the lowest corner which was a lot easier to clear and gave me a datum to use throughout the rest of the site.

Dad had to leave at around 3 pm which is when the heavens opened and work had to stop anyway.  Fortuitous!

A little while later the rain stopped so I started again on my own.  It’s not easy working a digger and dumper on my own.  Luckily Jason turned up around 4 pm and jumped on the dumper so we got a bit more done before it got dark.  That’s all for today, well, apart from catching up with a barrage of emails.

2014-10-25 08.53.46

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