Garage demolition

A few birthday drinks last night, followed by cocktails made for a very fuzzy head this morning and the last thing I was expecting at around 9 am was a text from Jason asking what time we were starting today.  Righto!  A quick bacon sandwich and a large glass of water and I’m ready to get started.

2014-10-30 08.11.01

The plan is to remove the roof from the top down.  Jason and I removed as much lead & felt as possible, then the corner fillets followed by the last of the plywood.  This cleared the top nicely ready to remove the old roof joists.  Using the crow bar on one end of the joists made light work of removing the noggins.  After that it was a simple case of lifting the joists out and down.

Once all the joists had been cleared Jason cleared the brickwork and lintel from above the garage door and I measured, de-nailed and cut some of the joists to create a large arch for the gas pipe later.

2014-11-02 14.42.38

After we moved all the rubble to the front for collection Jason started on rerouting the gas pipework while I tidied up the site.  The problem is that the gas pipe was running above the garage door and so must be rerouted to allow the digger through.

By now it was nearly 5 pm and it got dark pretty quickly so I hooked up the 300 watt work lamp and we were able to carry on.

2014-11-02 17.29.15

We were determined to finish by 6 pm so Jason focussed on the pipework while I took some more photos!

Then it happened.  The heavens opened and by golly did they!  Suddenly and without warning the rain came down hard.  Panic stations the tools were all out, electrics uncovered and mobile phones laid about.  We got pretty wet but at least most of the tools were protected.

With the pipework finished it was time to pressure test the pipework.  Jason put his pressure gauge on and set it correctly it seemed to hold until suddenly it dropped to zero!  Oh no, a leak?  A burst pipe?  A crisis?  Every joint got a quick look over but looked ok, then it occured to him, has someone switched on the oven?  It is tea time after all.  Sure enough the source of all problems was located and mentioning no names (Mrs A!) someone confessed to their crime.

A quick retest proved that all the pipework was sound and all that remained was to find a sofa and finally give in to the hangover!

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