The workshop needs some sort of flooring.  I had planned on painting the bare concrete floor but I have been told by the cement people that an Anhydrite floor is not compatible with floor paint!  Doh!  Oh well I decided to go with cheap vinyl instead as I just need something that will make sweeping and mopping easier.  Dad helped lay the vinyl floor and overall I think we are both pretty pleased with it…

2015-05-12 15.32.31

We were both a bit gutted that the colour was different but I was half expecting that to happen as it’s common when using both 3m and 4m width rolls in the same floor space.  I just didn’t expect that big a difference, oh well who cares really?!  After the floor was laid Dad ran away and left me to install the skirting ‘All by myself’ (a song that I’ve frequently sung on this project)!

2015-05-12 15.34.32

and then…

2015-05-12 16.54.24


Just one last job reserved for a special person…

2015-05-20 11.43.46

And the workshop is FINISHED!!!!  Hooray!

Just 7 months from mowing the grass…

2014-09-28 11.17.53

to this…

2015-06-08 07.59.58

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who’s been involved.  Especially thank you to every one on the team at Alcom Computing who kept things running while I was dealing with deliveries, builders and crisis after crisis.  A massive thank you to my Dad who was always there for me when I really needed a hand.  Thank you to my two wonderful kids for being so well behaved around dangerous equipment and for being so understanding about Daddy destroying their garden.

But most of all, thank you to my long suffering and infinitely supportive wife, Karma, who has been truly amazing throughout.

What project could possibly top this, I wonder?

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