Digging deeper

Right, after spending the evening calculating the price difference of two buildings vs 1 building with deep foundations it turns out it’s about a 3% cheaper to build a single building with the deeper footings. So that’s the decision made now let’s crack on.  The plan is today to make the most of this digger and just dig as deep as it will go.  Matt and I started excavating and worked through until Dad arrived.

Dad took over the dumper driving while I spent some time trying to find a 3 tonne digger that could have it’s cab removed.  A quick ring round proved that was just not going to happen.  I did find one company that was willing to do it, but their 3 tonne digger had a useless engine that wasn’t much more powerful than our current digger.

So, we need a plan B!  Our house is completely surrounded and getting a digger in any other way than through the garage is out of the question.  It occurred to me though that the garage we are trying to fit through isn’t really a garage at all.  It’s just a glorified lean to.  I went and looked at the garage again with fresh eyes and decided that the best course of action is to clear the garage and demolish it.

By 2 pm Matt declared that no more could be acheived with the digger we have.  It had bottomed out completely at 1.8 metres.

2014-10-28 13.17.56

So, the three of us set about clearing the garage, I was surprised at how dirty my stuff was in this ‘garage’.  It obviously was never meant for storage!

Now the garage was clear we were ready to start demolishing the garage.  Jason turned up just in time and dived straight in after a brief explanation.  Everybody seems to think it’s the best course of action and I, obviously, agree.

By 6 pm we had enough and it was properly dark too which meant it was no longer safe to work so Jason and Dad left while I cleaned up the last of the mess. That’s it for a while now as we can’t do any more until the garage is properly demolished and the 5 tonne digger arrives.

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  1. I’m just hoping the new digger fits through the space where the Garage once was….or will I come home one day to find half my house has been demolished…

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