Building Inspector Visit (footings)

This week I’ve had to work and not had much chance to be here.  Most days I’ve been getting home well after dark so I can’t even sneak a peak.

Wednesday night was a shocker though as I had come home to find the road outside our house in a real mess.  Where the dumper had been travelling it had sprayed clay all over the road.  Worse still there was an answer phone message from the Chair of the Parish Council waiting for me as I entered the front door.  I agreed with him that this was totally unacceptable and that it was my first priority in the morning.

Sure enough on Thursday morning the guys did a fantastic job of cleaning the road before they continued with the footings trenches.

Also on Wednesday Martin and I agreed that we should go for a block and beam floor as it would be the least likely to suffer from ground heave (swelling and shrinking due to rain and trees).  Unfortunately this meant a quick redesign of the footings and another trench that needs to be dug!  No problem, Matt and Dad were more than happy to oblige.


On Thursday some great progress was made and we were ready to request a visit from the building inspector late on Friday.  I called and arranged the visit.

On Friday I worked from home which allowed me to be there when the inspector came, order the Concrete Pump, Concrete and Claymaster boards that will be needed.  As I was busy working the guys plodded on digging the footings.

The bulding inspector arrived at around 2.30 pm and inspected the footings, took pictures and various measurements.  Then declared that he was satisfied and we could continue and pour the concrete.  Yay!

2014-11-08 08.16.42

We are to call him when the beam and block floor has been (partially?) laid.  He did comment on the state of the garden and how the Wife was taking it.  I said by spring she’d never know we were there!

2014-11-08 08.08.04

All that remains is to clear the site tomorrow ready for the concrete next week.

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