Brickwork to Scaffold height

I know there’s not been any updates recently and that’s mostly because there hasn’t been much to say.  Barrie has been relentlessly laying the 4,500 bricks and slowly working his way up the courses.

2014-12-24 16.01.15

And more bricks…

2015-01-02 10.52.32

And more bricks!

2015-01-07 15.02.44

And finally up to Scaffolding height ready for the scaffolders!

2015-01-15 08.31.34

Lucky that as the Scaffolders arrived today and put all the scaffolding up!

2015-01-15 13.07.23

Great, it’s really taking shape now!  Next step is to run 3 courses of block work and then start planning the roof levels.  Woohoo!


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