Bricklayer starts

Now the footings have finally set we are ready to start on the brickwork.  I’d ordered all the materials to arrive here this morning and hired a fork lift to move the materials up to the site. The forklift was the first to arrive and, although it was the smallest one available, it was still very big.  At least it fits through the gap, just!


The bricklayer, Barrie Randall, arrived shortly afterwards but ufortunately the materials had not yet arrived.  He unloaded his tools and prepared everything he needed to while I called Jewsons and checked on an ETA.  I was promised a before lunch delivery, not so bad.

While waiting for the materials Barrie started setting out the string lines for his brickwork.  Moment of truth…  Have the footings been dug according to my markings and drawings?  Had we kept within the allowed tolerances during the rain?  How badly had the corner that collapsed affected the square of the building?  This was the day I was looking forward to and dreading at the same time!


At first attempt it seemed that there was something very wrong.  The brickwork was fine at one end of the building but too close to the edge of the concrete at the other end.  We checked and double checked and still it would not sit properly on the footings.  After a short while we discovered that the footings were about 2 inches bigger than our planned measurements.  So with the new measurements we were able to sit the planned brickwork nicely in the middle of the footings all the way round.

Now, with all four string lines set it was time to see if the building was square?!  We set up the 3,4,5 rule on one corner of the string and made small adjustments until we were happy that the corner was now square.  Using this new datum we were able to adjust the other two string lines.  Once they had been set we double checked everything by measuring the diagonals and again with a steel square.  All square, yippee!


By now it was way past lunch time and it dawned on us that the delivery still had not arrived.  Another call to Jewsons and this time we were promised a delivery this afternoon.  Well, OK then as we need to break for lunch anyway that’s not so bad.

Shortly after we’d finished our lunch Jewson called back to say that the materials had not arrived with them and that delivery would be ‘some time’ tomorrow!  Aargh!  Disaster!  The forklift was only booked for a day and what would Barrie do tomorrow? Jewsons agreed to deliver anything they did have and deliver the rest (just the 384 concrete blocks) tomorrow!

A short while later and the lorry arrived with most of the materials.  We quickly moved the sand up to the site using the forklift and packed away the cement in the utility room where it would be warm and dry.  It also became clear that we could not use this forklift again as it was simply too heavy for the garden, garden path and ex-garage flooring!


That’s it for today!  A fairly productive day, but one that created a problem for tomorrow as we would have no forklift to move the 4 packs of concrete blocks.  Luckily, Dad offered to move some by wheel barrow tomorrow while I was at work and Barrie agreed to come on Thursday instead of tomorrow.

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