5 tonne footings

So today we have a 5 tonne digger on it’s way along with Matt and Dad here for an 8am start to try and get ahead of the weather.  The digger and dumper are due to be here before 9 am so while Matt and I waited for them (and Dad, of course) we started removing the steel garage door and clearing the garage of the last of the rubbish.

Then at about 9ish the lorry arrives with a digger and a dumper.  Well, more of a thimble than a dumper, but that’s probably my eyesight!  Once the dumper was offloaded I checked the paperwork.  A 1 tonne dumper.  What’s this?  I ordered a 1.5 tonne dumper.  This thing is tiny.  A quick call to the hire company and they promised to swap it out for a 2 tonne asap.

That’s me done!  I have to go to work now and am already over an hour late, so I’ll leave the site in the capable hands of my dad.

An hour later and I get the call… ‘It won’t fit!’.  WHAT!  Of course it will, we took the roof off the garage, moved the gas pipe up to 3 metres high.  IT WILL FIT!

No, widthways, the gap is too narrow!  “Tosh!” I said, I have checked and the digger is 1.7 metres wide according to the hire company and their website.  No mate, it’s 2.2 metres wide, do you want us to take down the utility room or the neighbours brick wall?


Don’t worry we’ve called the hire company and explained that they have incorrectly measured their own equipment (well they are blokes!) and they have agreed to replace it with one that will fit.  Luckily I learn’t a bit of meditation when I was younger so I calmly pulled over, sat in a field and meditated my zen. Shortly afterwards I arrived at work and soon forgot about the carnage that I’d left behind at home.

After I arrived home I could see that some serious progress had been made and that the entire back footings run had been dug to the correct depths.


And that the right footings had been started too…


I had been in Tring all day and, although it was damp, I had not had any significant rain.  I don’t think that Aylesbury was quite as fortunate as I hear that a certain someone got properly soaked today!  Let’s hope for more luck tomorrow.

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